Stackable Fashion Rings: How To Wear And Why To Love Them

Rings have been a statement piece in our jewelry box for decades and they play an important role in our lives. Since our hands are one of the most exposed parts of our body, why not use this in our favor with some stylish fashion rings? Using stackable rings is a trend that is not going away anytime soon.
Celebrities and influencers are all about it, and they have made stackable rings part of their daily outfits. It’s all about finding your style and expressing it the best way possible!  Here at Cathy Eastham, you’ll find a broad range of stackable rings to choose from. Enjoy this guide we’ve prepared to help you fall in love with this trend!

What’s the meaning of stackable rings?

Also known as the latest craze in the jewelry industry, stackable rings are rings used for stacking. This trend is  also called ring layering, allowing you to mix metals and wear many different rings together.
Since there are no rules, you can create unique looks, expressing your personality and even your mood. It’s possible to create a beautiful set when combined with different accessories and clothes. If we layer clothes, why not layer jewelry?
How do you use stackable rings

How do you use stackable rings?

If you love stackable rings as much as we do, you know that the list of options is endless. There are specific models to be stacked, but you can also use your creativity and use whatever rings you like! That’s the best part.

Stackable rings are, in general, very simple. This simplicity turns out to be a statement piece when stacking. The ring can be made out of gold or other types of precious metals, twisted, beaded or smooth. They are perfect for complementing your set!

Fashion is often all about balance. We’ve been taught that everything had to match, so we couldn’t mix prints, metals and colors. Now, everything is allowed! That’s what fashion is about: a tool that gives us freedom to be who we are and tell it to the world.
Mix widths

Mix widths

A pro tip is to choose rings with different widths, large and thin ones. This is a nice way to balance the look, when wearing on multiple fingers. Also, try to avoid matching rings too closely if you’re going for an effortless outfit. 
Incorporate stones to add colors

Incorporate stones to add colors

Adding colors to your ensemble is the perfect way to show the world how creative you are! If you are a beginner, you’ll probably prefer rings with the same gem color. This is a great alternative and it also causes a big impact. 

Long rings go well with wide ones. Together, they create a clean look, without being too much. But, if your heart still wishes to pile on, remember the mantra: the more, the merrier! Fit big rings first and then use thinner ones to fill the space. 
Choose your favorite set

Choose your favorite set

Every outfit sends a message. It’s possible to convey whatever you want, depending on how you style your stackable rings. Romantic, classic, chic or modern: it’s up to you! For those who like an elaborate appearance, might as well enjoy an intricate set of rings.

This style goes better with only one finger. The idea is to mix gems, metals and widths. To separate one gem from another, you just have to add a simple ring in between. The trick is to try it on and see how it goes! Don’t keep your jewelry out of use, create your very own set of stackable rings.

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