Bridal Jewelry Ideas To Get You Inspired Before Your Wedding Day

So, you’ve already picked the wedding dress of your dreams, decided on the hairstyle and makeup for the big day, and shopped for your wedding rings. Aren’t you forgetting something? You need to choose the jewelry you’ll wear at your wedding, of course!

Your bridal jewelry shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, the accessories you choose to wear on the big day are the finishing touches that tie everything together and complete your bridal look.


But how do you go about choosing the right jewelry for your wedding? Don’t worry, it’s easy!
Here are a few expert tips for choosing your bridal jewelry and some of the most beloved accessories among brides.

Bridal jewelry

How to choose bridal jewelry?

You might not wear a wedding dress every day, but your favorite jewelry pieces are always a part of your outfits. So, you already know what speaks to your personal style and what jewelry you feel most confident in. Think about what your favorite pieces have in common and let that be a baseline for your wedding look.

For example, if you never wear necklaces, don’t feel the need to wear one on the big day. You never leave the house without your favorite gold huggies? Then, maybe a pair of platinum chandelier earrings isn’t the best choice for you.

The idea here is to be intentional in your choices. That is, pick pieces that reflect your personal style and not what you think a bride should wear. When in doubt, follow your heart, and you’ll always make the right choice.

Bride drop earrings

Match your jewelry to your dress

Now that you’ve already narrowed down your choices, it’s time to bring your wedding dress into the equation. Analyze your wedding dress, taking in every detail – from the silhouette and the fabric to the neckline and the embellishments.

Then, look for jewelry pieces that echo the style of your dress or feature similar details. That way, your jewelry will complement your gown, and they’ll work together to create a harmonic bridal look.

Bride Diamond Jewelry

Stick to a single metal shade

Mixing metals can be quite tricky. That’s why our expert tip here is to stick to a single shade of metal throughout all your accessories. That way, you won’t run the risk of having your jewelry overpower your dress, and, instead, you’ll have a seamlessly blended bridal look.

If you can’t decide between white, yellow, and rose gold jewelry, then let the color of your dress guide your choice. Here’s a quick breakdown of how to match metal shades to fabrics:




White gold, platinum, and silver

Stark white dresses pair beautifully with the cool shades of white gold, platinum, and silver – a classic and timeless choice you just can’t go wrong with.


Yellow gold

Ivory and champagne gowns look their best paired with gold jewelry. This bold shade of gold and the warm hues of these fabrics are a match made in heaven.


Rose gold

There’s something inherently romantic about rose gold bridal jewelry. This beautiful metal looks great when paired with blush gowns and vintage-inspired designs.


What jewelry should the bride wear?

There aren’t any rules that state what jewelry brides should or shouldn’t wear.
That’s why the best thing to do when deciding on your accessories for the big day
is to go for jewelry styles you already love and match them to your dress.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the most popular jewelry pieces among brides.

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets

This timeless design looks great with every dress, no matter the silhouette. Many brides prefer to leave their fingers bare on their wedding day and have their engagement ring take center stage. Wearing a tennis bracelet is a great way of drawing attention to your beautiful ring and incorporating some sparkle into your look.

Diamond studs

Diamond studs

Diamond stud earrings are iconic. They look great with literally everything, so if you’re still unsure about what earrings to wear, go for diamond studs. You can’t go wrong with them! Not only that, but the design is also super flattering, as the diamonds draw light to your face and eyes, giving you a beautiful glow.

Pearl Ring


Pearl bridal jewelry is a timeless option. Whether you choose to wear trendy pearl earrings, a classic strand of pearls, a unique pearl ring, or a statement pearl bracelet, you simply can’t go wrong with these gorgeous gems.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings

From dainty designs to extra-long statement drops, this eye-catching earring style is incredibly chic. Big or small, the best part about drop earrings is that they sway as you walk (down the aisle!), catching the light and creating a beautiful, shimmering effect.

Sapphires Earrings


Blue sapphire jewelry is a great way of incorporating your “something blue” into your bridal look if you choose to follow that tradition. Whether it’s through a pair of earrings, dainty stackable bands, a delicate bracelet, or a gorgeous pendant, sapphires add a beautiful pop of color to the all-white look.


Heart Pendant

Wedding day jewelry is the perfect gift

One of the sweetest wedding-day traditions is the exchange of gifts between the bride and the groom. And that’s the perfect occasion for your future husband to surprise you with a stunning piece of jewelry for you to wear during the wedding.

If you think he might find it a bit difficult to decide on the perfect wedding day jewelry gift for you, you can make an in-store or online wishlist with as many designs as you’d like, which will make his decision much easier. Not to mention, he can always go back to your wishlist to surprise you with stunning jewelry pieces on any future occasion. Definitely a win-win!


Where to buy bridal jewelry in Midland, TX?

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