The Ultimate Guide On Kwiat’s Fashion Jewelry

It’s no secret that fashion jewelry is timeless and a total must. But, it’s important to keep an eye on its quality, if you really want it to last a lifetime. We know that the choice can be difficult, so we are here to help you decide! At Cathy Eastham, we only work with the best designers on the market, so you can shop confidently even with your eyes closed.
But not totally closed, because you will want to see our divine jewelry! Among our catalog, there’s a very special designer we would like you to meet: Kwiat, a family business that is responsible for a real diamond legacy! We prepared this guide to help you learn more about some of the amazing Kwiat pieces. Enjoy!

Kwiat’s history

Kwiat’s history started as a father and son business in 1907. Back then, both Sam and David Kwiat didn’t expect that the brand would become so popular. It all started with a small shop in New York City and now, over a century later, the family still continues to craft the most remarkable diamond jewelry.
This small shop has become one of the most prominent names in the industry and has created a remarkable reputation amongst diamond jewelry retailers. They are proud to state that their priority is to sell jewelry that truly fits you and your budget. Their commitment to high standards goes on their website, where you read: “Diamond jewelry crafted with honesty and integrity.”

What is fashion jewelry?

Fashion jewelry is one of the most popular and trendy accessories. Without a doubt, you need a few pieces in your collection. Different from wedding bands or engagement rings, fashion jewelry doesn’t need to be worn with any meaning attached to it. You are free to style your favorite pieces the way you want, expressing your personality.

You have a lot of options to choose from: earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Every single piece of jewelry can give you a certain glow. Also, you can choose what you want to convey; if it’s an elegant style, classic, bold, or romantic… The list is endless!

Why settle for a dull look when you can enhance your natural beauty with amazing fashion jewelry? No matter what kind of occasion you are going for, there will always be a perfect match for you! Fashion jewelry is versatile and the perfect way to express yourself. Plus, picture how elegant you will look!
wear fashion jewelry

How to wear fashion jewelry?

We already know that fashion jewelry is a powerful way to express style and personality. Itcan tell a story or bring back some cherished memories. It will also tell others about you. Fashion is all about balance and optical illusion, so choose your favorite set with your heart!

If you are going for a romantic look, for example, there’s nothing better than a fine set of earrings and necklaces. They will add that nice touch of glamor to any outfit. Kwiat’s fashion jewelry is a perfect match, since the pieces are delicate and bejeweled with diamonds. 

Keep in mind that you can express yourself perfectly in any kind of occasion with the right jewelry. Rings, for instance, can be a staple accessory for you on a daily basis, since our hands are one of the most used body parts! Not to mention that the creative process of choosing your fashion jewelry is a delight!

The best place to buy Kwiat Fashion Jewelry in Midland, Texas

Cathy Eastham began selling fine jewelry back in 1981. As a first-generation jeweler, she is very proud of her business, run with passion and care since it was created. Our commitment to high quality customer service is a top priority. We are proud to be in the top 1% of jewelers across the country.
For 41 years, we have been keeping our clients updated with the latest trends and the best pieces. During our yearly Trunk Shows, our beloved customers have the opportunity to meet the designers and shop for exclusive jewelry. Not to mention, the designers chose Cathy as one of the top 50 designer retail jewelers in the US. We truly work with the best.
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