The Ultimate Guide to Finding the 
Right Shinola Watch For You

We all know that watches are the best of both worlds: useful and beautiful. But choosing a new timepiece can be a tough decision, especially when there are so many options available. At Cathy Eastham, our biggest concern is quality. We want you to buy a piece knowing that it will last forever.
That’s why we sell Shinola Watches, a Detroit  business, with high quality timepieces made out of quartz. Their designs really stand out when it comes to style and elegance. Even Barack Obama ordered a custom-made Shinola watch for a former UK Prime Minister, back in 2016. That’s why we prepared this guide so you can learn more about this stunning brand, and find the perfect watch for you! Enjoy!


Shinola Watches


Shinola Watches’ history


It all started in 2011, with an idea to build a business focused on producing high quality manufactured watches. The plan was to set up in Detroit and start the production of fashionable timepieces. Shortly after, Shinola was known around the world, synonymous with quality.

In 2013, when Detroit went bankrupt, they endured and kept working, on behalf of their employees and the place they used to call home. In 2014, they opened the very first in-house leather factory, ready to manufacture the traditional leather straps that make their timepieces stand out. 

They are very proud to continue to maintain the ever-lasting quality that they’re known for over the years. They are very committed to supporting local businesses and hiring local people; it’s part of their history. Shinola attempts to inspire people to live confident and unique lives with their products. 


Is Shinola a luxury brand?


Shinola a luxury brand

To be considered a luxury brand, there are some essential values that the business must have. Superior performance, sophistication, creativity, exclusivity, innovation, relevance, responsibility and craftsmanship are some examples of that criteria. Being considered a luxury brand is a title given by the clients, as a sign of acknowledgement of quality. So, yes, Shinola is a luxury brand!

Some experts even say that luxury is a mindset. It also includes the brand’s dedication to providing good customer service. Shinola checks all of those boxes. Plus, they were recently called the “coolest brand in America” by Adweek. That’s not something just anyone can achieve.  

Their commitment to Detroit, providing jobs and investments in the city, their creative production line, and unexpected and unique products for different lifestyles are just some examples of how they know exactly what they’re doing. 

Who wears Shinola Watches?


Who wears Shinola Watches

As mentioned before, Barack Obama is a huge fan and client. Other famous names include Bill Clinton, Jimmy Kimmel, Ashley Olsen and Kristen Bell (yes, they also have timepieces for women!). The bottom line is: knowing how to style a beautiful watch can change your entire look.

They also give you the possibility to combine them with other accessories, like bracelets and rings. Don’t forget to balance them between your hands. If you want a sophisticated look, match colors and materials! Silver watches with silver accessories and so on!

The advantage of Shinola watches is that you will find a perfect model for every type of occasion! When going to a formal party or business meeting, leather or stainless steel are a good choice. Women tend to opt for smaller timepieces, as they show off a delicate and elegant look. 

Without a doubt, at Cathy Eastham, you will find the perfect Shinola watch for you. The hardest part will be choosing just one!

The best place to buy Shinola Watches in Midland, Texas

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