Engagement Ring Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Get The Ring Of Her Dreams

The time to pop the question has finally come, and the search for the perfect engagement ring begins.

Whether you know exactly what you’re after or you don’t have a clue what style of ring to get her, here’s our expert guide on everything you need to know about engagement rings before you go ring shopping.




What’s the difference between engagement rings and wedding bands?

We often get asked whether engagement rings and wedding rings are the same, and the answer is that they’re two different things.

While both rings symbolize love and commitment, engagement rings are given during the proposal, while wedding bands are exchanged during the wedding ceremony to represent the official bond of marriage. 

To learn more about wedding bands, check out our expert guide here.

Engagement ring styles

Between minimalist styles, lavish rings, classic designs, and modern silhouettes, your engagement ring style options are endless. 

To help you find the perfect ring to propose to your loved one, here are some of
the most popular (and beautiful) engagement ring settings.




This timeless setting features a single diamond or gemstone in the center of the band, in a minimalist style designed to highlight the beauty of the centerpiece. A true classic, you can never go wrong with a solitaire.

Straight Engagement Ring


Straight engagement rings add an extra touch of glamour to the minimalist design of solitaires by adding a diamond-accented band, which beautifully complements the centerpiece without detracting from the daintiness of the silhouette.

Halo Engagement Ring


As the name suggests, this style features a halo of small diamonds surrounding the centerpiece. With all the added sparkle, the accent diamonds make the center diamond look larger, making halo engagement rings ultra-glamorous.


Three stone

This stunning style boasts three diamonds or gemstones instead of one. Three-stone engagement rings are super romantic because the three gems represent your past, present, and future together. Not to mention, there’s three times the sparkle!

Side Stone Engagement Ring

Side stone

Side-stone engagement rings display accent diamonds on each side of the centerpiece, just like three-stone rings. The difference is that this style features more than three diamonds, usually five or seven, making it an incredibly glamorous design. 



This unique setting features strands of precious metal which intertwine to form the ring shank, creating a beautiful effect. The intricacy of the band varies greatly from ring to ring, so your choices are endless.

What to consider when choosing a diamond

Now that you’ve picked the perfect engagement ring setting, it’s time to choose a dazzling diamond
centerpiece to top off the ring of her dreams.

When choosing a diamond, the most important thing to consider is the so-called “Four Cs”, which stands for clarity,
color, cut, and carat. Let’s take a look at what to be on the lookout for in each category.

Pure Diamond



No matter how perfect a diamond is, every diamond has small imperfections on its surface and within it – which are called inclusions and blemishes. This category rates how visible these imperfections are, and while they tend to be too small to be seen by the naked eye, the clearer a diamond is, the better.

Diamnd Color


The closer a diamond looks to a drop of water, the higher its color rating. That’s because “color” here actually refers to the lack of color. While color distinctions are often subtle, a diamond’s color rate is important because it can significantly impact its overall quality and value.



This category is often referred to as the most important of the Four Cs because it’s what influences a diamond’s light reflection the most. The cut – not to be confused with the shape – grades how well-crafted a diamond is in terms of proportions, symmetry, and polish. The finer the cut, the greater the level of brilliance and fire of a diamond.

Diamond Carat


A diamond’s weight is measured in carats – so, the higher the carat, the heavier the diamond. However, some shapes showcase size better than others, meaning that two diamonds that weigh the same but are shaped differently might look slightly different in size. So, don’t focus too much on the number of carats a diamond has, and instead, pick the one you feel your soulmate will love the most.



Popular diamond shapes

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each one radiating beauty in its own way. To find the best diamond for your fiancée-to-be’s engagement rings, first, choose the shape, then work toward finding that shape in the right clarity, color, cut, and carat.

Here are some of the most popular diamond shapes:

• Princess • Radiant • Cushion • Oval • Emerald • Pear • Marquise • Heart • Round

Click here to explore our dazzling selection of loose diamonds.


Where to buy engagement rings in Midland, TX?

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