Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Jewelry For Valentine’s Day: A Gift Guide 

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic time of the year, and it’s just around the corner! It’s time to start thinking about a meaningful gift for your significant other. There’s nothing better than jewelry to express affection and to show how much you care for your partner. Plus, it makes the occasion even more special and memorable.
At Cathy Eastham, we cherish each holiday, always offering our clients the best products on the market. This special day in particular is all about celebrating love and your memories together, so why not take this opportunity to surprise with a breathtaking piece? Here's our guide with tips on how to choose the perfect jewelry. Enjoy!


Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. Holidays are the perfect time to express that love to the ones we care about. A heartfelt gift might be exactly what you need to show how you feel. That’s why jewelry is an ideal gift. 

Let’s be honest: everybody has, at least once, desired a piece of jewelry. A fun fact is that people don’t usually buy jewelry for themselves. We tend to associate it with marriage and wedding proposals. But, in fact, jewelry was made to surprise and charm people, no matter the occasion!
jewelry a thoughtful gift
Jewelry is something very special that lasts a lifetime. Picture your lover wearing the piece you choose for years to come. That’s probably the best way to style your jewelry: by wearing it with meaning. At Cathy Eastham, we understand that the most valuable pieces are the ones with sentimental value. 

Not to mention how versatile and unique our pieces are. Jewelry has officially become a statement accessory in every closet. No matter the occasion, a delicate pair of earrings or a diamond necklace will make you look stunning. It’s impossible not to love it!
Impress your partner with the right piece of jewelry

Impress your partner with the right piece of jewelry

Something to keep in mind is your partner’s style and preferences. Think about their choices and what they normally wear on a daily basis. These memories will give you a great idea of what they prefer. Luckly, everything gets easier with the help of an expert, and our team is ready to guide you through it. 

Choose a gemstone to melt their heart

Choose a gemstone to melt their heart

Our catalog was handpicked with the utmost attention to detail. Our priority is to offer quality. Gemstones are a stunning addition to any look; they have the power to add color and sophistication. Plus, it’s believed that every color represents something about the person wearing it.
Rubies, for example, represent passion and are one of the most popular choices for Valentine’s Day gifts. They go well with every piece, giving them a unique look. Emeralds are used to celebrate new beginnings and hope. The color green has made this gem into one of the most desired ones, because it’ll never lose its incredible charm.
Diamonds are like no other gem, when it comes to glow and drawing attention. They are remarkable, there’s no debate about that. Diamonds go well at any moment. The most difficult part is choosing just one piece of diamond jewelry!

day special with fashion jewelry

Make someone’s day special with fashion jewelry

As the name suggests, fashion jewelry is all about being fashionable. They’re the perfect choice for those who have an eye on the latest trends. A chic and effortless look always starts with the right set of accessories. Fashion jewelry will allow your better half to express themselves in the best way possible with necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings.