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Kwiat cuts their diamonds to look bigger and brighter so you’ll get more compliments per carat. More brilliant, more beautiful.


The Most Brilliant Round Diamond in the World

Only the best diamond cutters could create a diamondlike the Kwiat Round. No other diamond is cut to suchexacting standards. No other diamond exceeds GIA criteriaevery time. Excellent cut and consistent faceting create theoptimal balance of fire, brightness, and scintillation. Thisgives the diamond a whiter appearance than its color gradeand makes it look larger than its carat weight. Simply put,there is no round diamond that sparkles more.


The Diamond of Legend

For those who seek a diamond that few others own,consider ASHOKA, available in the U.S. only at Kwiat.It takes a special rough stone to create an ASHOKA — fewerthan 1% of rough diamonds meet the exacting criteria.A unique faceting pattern gives ASHOKA its dazzlingprismatic effect and makes it appear 30% to 50% largerthan other diamonds of the same carat weight.Don’t be surprised if people stare.


The Old European Cut, Perfected

As diamond experts since 1907, we know athing or two about antique cuts…like the oldEuropean — charming and romantic, yet difficultto find with qualities that meet our standards. So,we evolved the style with precision-cut facets andconsistent dimensions that reveal a bigger and brighterdiamond. Like a family heirloom, but better.


A Classic Cut Refined

How do you improve upon a cut that’s been adored for centuries? We love cushions too, but it’s difficult to find a beautiful one. So, we created our own — a true brilliant cut with the most sparkle and fire. The Kwiat Cushion has a highly desirable elongated shape, an ideal length-to-width ratio, beveled edges, and rounded corners. The perfectly elegant silhouette sets it apart from the rest: In fact, the design is so distinctive, it’s patented.


Classic Elegance, Modern Brilliance

Oval diamonds abound, but one sparkles more thanthe rest. The Kwiat Oval has a perfect shape and uniquefaceting pattern that eliminates the unattractive bowtieeffect often found in other oval diamonds. Plus, itselongated silhouette and ideal length-to-width ratiomake it appear larger than its carat weight.


Sophistication Perfected

The emerald cut’s clean lines and parallelstep-cut facets have long been considered the heightof elegance. Popularized in the 1920s and perfected by Kwiatin the 2020s, this is a diamond for today, tomorrow, andalways. The Kwiat Emerald Cut is meticulously designed withideal proportions to reveal maximum brightness and fire,creating a diamond of unmatched beauty.


Absolutely Dazzling

As its name suggests, a radiant diamond is designed toemit light. We perfected this cut to create even moresparkle. The Kwiat Radiant has a novel combination offacets that creates pure brightness throughout the diamond— an elegant rectangle with outstanding brilliance.The effect is breathtaking.