For over two decades, Cathy Eastham Fine Jewelry has been more than just a dazzling Midland landmark. It's a local gem with a heart of gold, generously donating thousands of dollars annually in jewelry and sponsorships to worthy causes and organizations throughout the community.

From supporting annual events in live and silent auction donations to sharing a portion of profits raised during the holidays to local organizations, Cathy Eastham Fine Jewelry believes in giving back to the city that has supported its success. Their commitment to philanthropy shines brightly, just like the exquisite diamonds and gemstones that grace their showroom.

This local business understands that true beauty lies not only in sparkling jewels but also in enriching the lives of others. Their unwavering dedication to giving back makes Cathy Eastham Fine Jewelry a true treasure in the heart of Midland.

And if your cause aligns with our values of community, education, and empowerment, we encourage you to reach out! We'd love to hear about your organization and explore potential sponsorship opportunities. You can learn more and submit your proposal through our online form below.