The Ultimate Gemstone Jewelry Guide To Color Your Life

Gemstone jewelry is perfect for adding an elegant touch with a beautiful pop of color to your looks. You can wear them to style dazzling and daily looks to enhance your wardrobe with many great meanings. From delicate and simple to fabulous jewelry, there's always a perfect piece for you! Dive in.

What is the most popular gemstone for jewelry?

Firstly, a very common question. The answer is that the most popular gemstone in the world is perhaps the emeralds, known for their exotic green tones. Found primarily in four different countries: Brazil, Colombia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

But it’s important to remember that one of the best characteristics of every gemstone is that they’re naturally occurring in all colors, many different shapes, and sizes, making your options virtually endless.
After all, their popularity is a less important question because there’s much more to think about them. And that’s why we recommend choosing your gemstone jewelry pieces based on your personal preferences and not on popularity.

This way, you'll also turn any gemstone into an even more unique and memorable addition to your look, according to who you are and what you want to convey.

Why should I wear gemstone jewelry?

Each gem's gorgeous hues and shapes convey the legacy, artistry, and deep passion held within these stones. They come to life in the most beautiful ways, being a happy, colorful, and delicate touch for anyone’s style.

Everyone loves the magnificent nature of gemstones and the idea of carrying them in jewelry pieces, leaving our mark anywhere we go. And these are just a few of the many reasons that we have an obsession with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc.

Gemstone jewelry grants great powers, style, and perfectly conveys different meanings to those who wear it. Thus, we’ve prepared a list of some of the most charming and beloved gemstones to give you some inspiration.


Rubies are the king of gems and are recognized by many as a symbol of passion because their alluring red shades made them especially popular among couples worldwide.

This symbol makes them the best option to surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day with any jewelry piece such as necklaces, earrings, fashion rings, or even if you’re planning to propose with a gemstone engagement ring.

In addition, to help you show your love in this unique moment in the most beautiful way, we also have a perfect engagement ring guide that you’ll certainly like. If you’re looking for the perfect gemstone jewelry, remember,it's impossible to go wrong with rubies.


As said before, emeralds are one of the most popular gems of all. That's because most emeralds available on the market feature only minor imperfections, which is really impressive for a naturally formed gem.

They are also known as the spring gem and have two principal symbolisms: hope and new beginnings. Furthermore, another rumor about emeralds is that they were the favorite gemstones of Cleopatra.
Famed for their staggering beautiful green, they have been among the world's most desirable and valuable gemstones. Hence, emeralds cross time without ever losing their fantastic characteristics.


There are many exciting things about sapphires, one of them is their color. Most people imagine that sapphire is just an incredible blue gemstone, but it is not only that. The truth is that while they can have more than just this enthralling blue color.

A fun fact about them is that these gorgeous gems also come in nearly every rainbow color. Your choices are virtually endless, ranging between yellow, green, orange, pink, red, and even black.

You can take a look at our great selectionhere at Cathy Eastham Fine Jewelry and find, for example, some beautiful black sapphire pieces if you like the idea of different colors. 

But if you want to keep the classic, you will be pleased to know that one of the most famous engagement rings of all time, Princess Diana’s, features a stunning, classic blue sapphire gem.