Marco Bicego Guide

Marco Bicego: Discover This Italian Fashion Jewelry Designer

Jewelry is part of our lives, there’s no debate about that. When we’re getting ready to go somewhere, it is part of our going out ritual to take some time to think about the best accessory for the occasion. We want to be seen and to feel confident that we look our best. Helping you to do that is our mission at Cathy Eastham.
We want you to find your style, and we’re here to help you. Going shopping for jewelry can be a fun process, especially when you know that you’re dealing with the best available. Today, we’re talking about a very famous Italian designer, Marco Bicego. His pieces will surely make your heart melt. Dive in!


Raised in a family of goldsmiths, Marco Bicego grew up watching his father turn gold into masterpieces. According to him, that’s how the passion started. He started training and learning until his first professional adventure in 2000.
Marco Bicego

Being in business for over 20 years, Marco’s hard work has paid off. His brand has exclusive designs, the highest quality and production standards and has conquered the hearts of customers not only in Italy, but also in the United States. He has become known worldwide for his one-of-a-kind designs.
According to Bicego himself, his greatest inspiration when it comes to creating jewelry is picturing the women wearing it. He portrays his target audience: modern women with a great sense of style, not afraid to try something different and unconventional. His pieces are designed to be worn together or separate.


The answer is quite simple: everyone that wants to look fashionable and gorgeous! Marco Bicego jewelry is perfect for all ages, styles and preferences. No wonder it’s a luxury brand. The concept of being “luxury” goes way beyond the price. This title also includes, among other things, customer satisfaction and the quality of the pieces.
Who wears Marco Bicego

His style is known for combining elegance and sophistication. You’ll surely look even more beautiful with his fashion jewelry pieces. The collections are famous for celebrating nature and organic forms, creating divine combinations and sets. 

Colored gemstones combined with the best craftsmanship, creates stunning pieces that are a true masterpiece. His pieces contain influences from his trips to Egypt, Africa, Jaipur, Murano and were carefully designed to accompany you everywhere.


We often tend to associate jewelry with engagement rings and wedding bands, but there’s more to that! Your accessories don’t have to be related to any special meanings, if you don’t want to. Marco Bicego fashion jewelry is proof of that. Feel free to express yourself with the most beautiful set of Italian jewelry.
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The pieces are made out of 18K yellow, white and rose gold. They can be adorned with sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines and other precious gemstones from around the world. Even after all of these years on the market, Marco Bicego still produces the pieces in his own atelier in Vicenza, Italy. This is a very important step of the process, ensuring the highest quality possible in all products.

Whether you’re going to a party or to a casual meeting, there’s a piece that will highlight your outfit. Necklaces, for instance, are a perfect addition to any jewelry box. They can make you go from basic to classic and romantic in no time. 

Marco Bicego earrings are also something worth looking at. Bejeweled with little diamonds or drops, they are great as gifts. Not to mention how powerful earrings are to enhance the color of your eyes. Gold is always a good choice, no matter what the occasion. These pieces will last for generations to come.