Jewelry for Gifts this Holiday Guide

Discover The Ideal Jewelry for Gifts This Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming! It’s time to set up your Christmas tree, prepare decorations and make the most of the coziest time of the year. Along with that, it also comes a moment that everyone enjoys: giving gifts to the ones you love. This is a moment to express gratitude to those who walked by your side all year long.

Choosing this present might take some time, since it’s your opportunity to show how important this person is in your life. We know you want to make it special, that’s why we prepared you a guide on jewelry ideas for the holiday season! Here at Cathy Eastham, it’s impossible to go wrong with our selection of jewelry. Enjoy!




Let’s be honest: everyone has wished to receive jewelry as a gift at least once in their lives. Jewelry causes magical, one-of-a-kind feelings and the holiday season is the perfect time to make their dreams come true! Jewelry does it all:  representing love, care and attention to details. 

People usually tend to associate jewelry with engagement and marriage, so it’s not a very common purchase for one’s self. It’s up to you to give them something they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. Your beloved friends and family deserve to get gorgeous jewelry this holiday season.

jewelry symbolize as a gift



When given as a gift, jewelry carries a sentimental value that will last a lifetime. It’s not only about giving it to a person, it’s also about all the precious time together that has come to this moment. It’s a personal choice, searching for a piece that will enhance someone’s beauty and ensure they remember it – and you – every day. It’s a loving gesture.

Something that might be a concern when gift-shopping is the age of the recipient. Finding something exciting and fashionable might be a little tricky, especially depending on how old – or young – they are. Luckily, there are choices for all ages! You’ll see how amazing the options are, from delicate earrings and rings for teenagers to fashionable necklaces for adults. Jewelry also suits all body types and skin tones!


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After setting your heart on gorgeous jewelry, it’s time to consider the person’s preferences. Are they romantic or classic? Chic or dazzling? Knowing these things will be handy when deciding the metal and the gemstone of your thoughtful gift. 

A good idea is to pay attention to their outfits.What does this person normally wear daily? Considering that it’s someone close to you, you probably know their style, so that’s a plus! Not to mention that our experienced staff will be ready to help you with whatever style you’re looking for. 


Fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry

If the person always has an eye on the latest trends, fashion jewelry is the perfect choice! It’s a nice addition to any outfit and it also allows the person to express their personality and style. Our catalog includes ringsnecklaces, bracelets and earrings for all preferences.



The most coveted gem can be an excellent surprise to someone special! It’ll certainly be the best gift they get this holiday. The sentimental value this piece will hold is amazing, mostly because every diamond is unique. You’ll be giving them hand-picked, exclusive jewelry.

Colorful gemstones

Colorful gemstones

An elegant alternative that lights up the entire look. One of the most popular choices  is emeralds, with their stunning green tones. This subtle touch of color is the natural choice of creative and modern people. Gemstones express a fine sense of style and power. Other popular gems are ruby, usually chosen as a symbol of love, and sapphire, another classic choice.