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Everything You Need To Know Before Choosing Your Next Earrings

When we plan an outfit, there’s more to think about than just the clothes and the shoes. The accessories are an essential part of the process. Every person has their own style and preferences, which might include necklaces, rings or bracelets.

But, there’s one element that’s probably going to be in every single outfit: earrings. They are, without doubt, the most versatile and important piece of jewelry. That’s why they’ve become an essential piece in your jewelry collection. Today, we’re talking about their variations and how you can make the most of this lovely accessory. Enjoy!
Why are earrings so special?
Earrings are very powerful. Even a delicate pair can change your entire outfit. This is one of their best qualities, making you look beautiful in an effortless way. Who wouldn’t want that? They also enhance your natural beauty by highlighting your eyes.
Their history goes way back, when having your ears pierced was a sign of power and opulence. During the 20th century, they appeared in multiple colors, shapes and materials. The right model can draw all the attention to you, or even show off your best features. The good thing is that with the help of an expert, everything gets easier!
What can a pair of fine earrings do for you?
There’s nothing better than finding an accessory that will shape your face and highlight the color of your eyes. It sounds like magic, but it’s just what the right pair of earrings can do for you. Fashion is all about optical illusions, and there’s nothing better than learning how to use it in your favor.
What can a pair of fine earrings do for you
You can use them to conceal or disguise some traits. If you have a shorter neck, for instance, the best option is delicate earrings, like diamond studs. Oval faces with curly hair will simply look perfect with long earrings such as hoops or gemstones models. This is a strategy that draws attention to your high cheekbones.
The important thing is to keep in mind that small changes cause a huge impact on your appearance. The secret is knowing how to use that in your favor. That’s why we consider jewelry shopping a test of self-knowledge. Take your time to enjoy every step of the way. Our catalog at Cathy Estham will surely make your heart melt!
Drop earrings

Drop earrings
One of the most loved and classic designs of all times! Drop earrings are a very popular choice, especially because they come in different lengths. Plus, they can be adorned with various gemstones or diamonds.
Stud earrings

Stud earrings
If you’re going for a discrete option, stud earrings are your best friends. They show sophistication and elegance in an effortless way.  Not to mention, a pair of stud earrings will enhance your beauty by adding a glowing touch to your face.

The romantic ones out there are going to love jackets. This piece is usually adorned with butterflies, hearts or other cute shapes. The list of options is endless, and the hard part is choosing just one!

When we talk about earrings, hoops inevitably come to our minds. One of the most classic models, they’ve become an absolute must in every jewelry box. You’ll find hoops in various sizes, so keep in mind that the size has an impact on the image you’re trying to convey.

Are you too delicate for hoops? Then huggies are just perfect for you. They come in smaller versions of bigger hoops, keeping all the glam and beauty. They are ideal for a minimalist outfit with a touch of fashion.

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