Diamond Stud Earrings Guide


Earrings have been a favorite accessory to enhance beauty for all time, but diamond stud earrings have the power to take any basic look to the next level. Why? Because despite being seemingly discreet, they never go out of style, adding a perfect glamour touch to any outfit.

And the best part about diamond studs is their unique ability to do so effortlessly, in the sense that you don’t need to look like you’re even trying to stand out from the crowd; they do all the work for you. All you have to do is put them on and go about your way unpretentiously!



When it comes to jewelry, diamond studs may be the best investment you can ever make to get the best
bang for your buck when it comes to diamond jewelry – more so than, say, getting a flashy diamond ring that
everyone is likely to remember after you wear it.

diamond studs style

Why? Simply because diamond studs can be worn multiple times and last for a lifetime!
They are the perfect subtle – yet definite noticeable – addition to your wardrobe. Their versatility
is truly unmatched by so many other kinds of earrings, and they also allow you to combine additional pieces of
jewelry to put together the perfect look for any occasion. 

Whether you’re looking for a basic pair of diamond studs to wear on a daily basis or you’re looking
to go big and invest in a flashy pair of these earrings, we’ve put together this guide
that will tell you all you need to know to choose the perfect pair of earrings for you.
choosing diamond studs

Key things to consider when choosing diamond studs


Since diamonds reflect the colors around them, you need to take the metal color into account where the diamond will be set to make sure that it matches your skin tone, hair, or even other accessories you’ll be wearing, such as other earrings, watches, or even glasses.

That’s important to consider since the metal around the diamonds will surely affect the perceived color of your earrings. So, depending on if you choose yellow, rose, and white gold will definitely change the way the diamond looks on you overall and matches your look. 

It’s very rare to find a completely flawless diamond, but the higher the diamond clarity, the lower the imperfections. Yet, this aspect may not be the most important thing to consider in the case of diamond stud earrings, because their imperfections are imperceptible to the naked eye - unless examined with jewelers’ expert tools. 

The diamond cut is equally important to be considered, for it affects the gem’s capacity to sparkle, as well as the diamond carat weight. It’s generally good for diamonds to be 0.50 carats or larger, but the carat alone is still no guarantee of a stunning shine without a good cut.

Lastly but likewise important, diamond stud earrings need to be backed up by a proper setting to ensure they’re securely set. So, make sure you choose an earring setting that fits your taste, considering that it needs to be compatible with the style of the stone.


the best diamond studs style

How to choose the best diamond studs style for you


Since diamonds come in different shapes and cuts, think about what style of diamond stud earrings would best suit your preferences. If you want to cause an out-of-the-ordinary impact, heart-shaped, pear-shaped and marquise-cut diamond studs can do the job with their unique style. 

They may not be the most basic choice, but they are guaranteed to offer a romantic, dreamy take on your look. Since they’re easy to remember, these shapes may not be the ideal option for those looking for a more modest, everyday style, but they’re perfect options for bold women who wish to express their personality. 

When in doubt, go for more neutral shapes, such as a round brilliant cut and a princess-cut diamond, which are known as the most popular diamond stud earring shapes in the jewelry industry precisely because their classic and symmetric shapes offer brilliance and sparkle.

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