This year’s world class trade shows, that Cathy Eastham Fine Jewelry attended, unveiled the most stunning display of opulent opals in so many new designs! Opals are unlike any other gem with their vibrant firework play-of-color that can showcase all the colors of the rainbow. Each piece is unique and lends itself to a myriad of creative designs. With the weight of these gems being very light, you can have a large size opal and it will still be very comfortable to wear.

The word opal comes from a Greek word that means “to see a change (of color).” The twinkling radiance of pigment one sees in an opal is due to the contrast between its color play and its background. Another key thing to know is that an opal can be made up of 20% water, which is imprisoned with in the silica structure. All this water means it is a fantastic idea to keep a small water dish next to any opal piece of jewelry.