The Ultimate Guide For Amazing Men’s Wedding Bands (old)



The Ultimate Guide For Amazing Men’s Wedding Bands

Besides being a beautiful jewelry item, wedding rings are full of meaning and feelings, an essential point in any couple’s planning for the big day. Usually, the men’s wedding bands emphasize the look of steel in its purest form, with a more straightforward design than women’s bands, but there are plenty of variables with men’s rings to learn about, as well. Dive in.


history behind wedding bands

The history behind wedding bands

Let’s start with a brief explanation of the origin of these bands. In the beginning, several ancient civilizations used a ring to symbolize union. After all, married life needs to be unified and full of trust. 

In addition, the circle shape represents the eternity of this love, as it has no beginning nor end. There are several beliefs about the wedding ring, one of them is that wearing it on the ring finger of the left hand is because the “love vein” passes through it, connecting directly to the heart.


wedding band have to match

Does a man’s wedding band have to match?

As mentioned before, the wedding ring is the jewelry that represents marriage and wedding vows. At the ceremony, the couple celebrates the power of love by placing the wedding bands on the left hand’s ring finger.

Hence, the choice of the wedding band is an essential part of the beginning of your married life. The most common way to choose your wedding bands is to choose jewelry that symbolizes their similar tastes and togetherness, but that’s not a rule. 

Some other couples choose to keep their own styles on this matter, conveying that their differences will never separate them. Either way, whether you want to choose together or separately, you need to know the variety and advantages of each style, both for the groom who will become the husband and the bride who will become the wife. 
So, in short, there’s no law or rule. It depends only on the couple’s choice. But, since you will be wearing it for the rest of your life, matching or not, the wedding band should reflect your unique personality and lifestyle. 
What kind of wedding band should a man wear?

Indeed, the most popular metals for men’s wedding bands are gold, platinum, palladium,
tungsten, titanium, and silver, but mainly gold and platinum. And after all,
each metal has its pros and cons, so you should choose the ideal metal type based on your man’s personality,
style, and lifestyle. 

Below, we highlight some tips on the two main materials
that you might pick for your wedding bands.

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Gold in yellow band

Gold in yellow, white, and rose 

Gold is timeless, and you can find a wide variety of gold wedding bands in yellow, white, and rose gold to fit your needs and desires. If you want to opt for gold, there’s no going wrong with this classic metal. In that case, simply pick whichever of these three suits you better. If you need help, speak to one of our experts, and they’ll be happy to help you decide what the perfect gold color for your skin tone and taste is.

platinum ring


Besides being beautiful and an extremely fancy choice for men’s accessories, platinum is very popular among men because it is extremely durable and resistant, conveying the strong character of those who choose to wear it. Additional benefits of that metal are that it withstands extreme temperatures and continues to look better over time. It is also excellent for easily complementing fantastic watches and bracelets. 

Moreover, at Cathy Eastham, we have great designers such as Kwiat, family-owned and known for breathtaking pieces of jewelry and high-quality diamonds. Following techniques passed down from generations, Kwiat accurately cuts each stone to reveal the maximum brilliance from within a diamond and intricately crafts metal designs into every piece of jewelry, making them a perfect choice for wedding bands.

They have incredible men’s wedding bands featuring different metals like platinum, 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, and 18k rose gold. You just need to choose your favorite. 

Where to get the most beautiful men’s wedding bands in Texas

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