Cathy in the news: Midland Reporter-Telegram ( news paper Friday, January 1st, 2016 in the Faith & Philanthropy section

“We give to everybody; we literally do,” Eastham said, “This is my philosophy: I believe that I have been blessed and I have a store full of jewelry and it’s important for me to share it with nonprofits, to help them raise money.” 

Eastham has been giving back to the community even before her store opened in 2002. And though she started by giving small pieces, since then her contributions have grown in size and sparkle.

“It’s a straight out gift; they don’t owe me anything for it, “Eathem said.” I’m not going to tell a nonprofit that whatever you get over $5,000 you can keep, I don’t believe in that. It’s a gift. And I try to get the value way up because then they make more money. ”

Each donated collection is selected to fit the theme of whatever the nonprofit is, Easthem said…

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Cathy in the NewsCathy Eastham in the local news paper